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Legal notice and conditions of use

Aim of legal notice

As per Article 10 of the Law 34/2002, dated 11th July, on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, the user is hereby informed that the owner of the website is the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu, located at Paseo Sant Joan de Déu, 2, 08950 Esplugues de Llobregat, with fiscal identification number R-5800645-C and email address of [email protected]. The owner is recorded in the Registry of Religious Entities of the Ministry of Justice with number 1188-C/1-SE/B.

Everyone accessing this site assumes the role of user, with a commitment to observe and comply rigorously with the rules and regulations herein, as well as any other legal statute that may be applied.

Those responsible for the website reserve the right to modify any of the information appearing on the website, without any obligation to warn or inform the users of said modifications, other than by means of publication on the website by those responsible for it.

Trusted third party and code of behavior

Those responsible for the website are in adherence of the code of behavior of the Catalan Union of Hospitals.

Waiver of guarantees and responsibility

Those responsible for the website waive all responsibility for information published on the website, when said information has been handled or posted by third parties.

It may be the case that the website will redirect users to content on third party websites. As those responsible for the website may not always be able to control content posted by third parties on their websites, no responsibility is assumed for the content thereof. In any event, those responsible for this website wish to make it clear that they will move swiftly to take down any content that might be in contravention of national or international legislation, or which may adversely affect public morale and order; in this case the redirecting to the guilty website will be eliminated, and the authorities responsible for the content in question will be duly notified.

Those responsible for this website are responsible for the information and content stored on it, including, but not limited to, forums, chats, blogs, commentaries, social networks, or any other medium that allows third parties to post content independently of those responsible for the web. Nevertheless, in compliance with Articles 11 and 16 of the LSSICE, those responsible for this website will work in concert with users, the authorities, and the law enforcement agencies to remove or to block all content that may be in contravention of national or international law, or which may infringe upon the rights of third parties, or which may adversely affect public morale and order. In the event that a user feels that content on the website may represent such contravention, infringement, or adverse effect on public morale and order, he or she is requested to immediately inform those responsible for the website thereof.


This website is intended to provide information about activities and services hosted and provided by the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital. The Sant Joan de Déu Hospital reserves the right to make changes in the content and presentation of information on the website at any time, and without prior notice.

This website is intended to be informative. It is not meant to take the place of professional medical advice. None of the content of this website, whether of a permanent nature or comments posted by the administrative team, is designed to be used for diagnosis or for medical treatment, nor does it constitute a second medical opinion. The Hospital assumes no responsibility regarding the inappropriate use of the content of this website.


Those responsible for the website place links to make it easier for users to conduct searches and have access to information, services, and other relevant Internet content. The links on the website may lead users to other sites and web pages managed by third parties, over which those responsible for the present website have no control.

Those responsible for the present website assume no obligation to monitor the information or content of other sites that may be accessed through hyperlinks on this site. Nevertheless, it does assume the obligation to remove from this website, in as short a period of time as possible, information, content, or services that are deemed to be untruthful or that may be harmful to the user. 

Intellectual and industrial property

All rights are reserved regarding exploitation. This website is governed by Spanish law, and it is protected by both national and international legislation on intellectual and industrial property.

Regardless of the ends to which the contents of the website are applied, partial or total reproduction, use, exploitation, distribution, or commercialization of these require the express written authorization of the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital in Barcelona, as the party that is legally responsible for the website. Any use made of this content without the prior authorization of the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital will be considered a serious infringement on intellectual and industrial authorship rights.

The designs, logotypes, text and/or graphics of entities other than HSJD that may appear on the website belong to their respective owners; they alone are responsible for any disputes that may arise regarding their use. 

Those responsible for this website recognize the owners of the other entities as having the corresponding intellectual and industrial property rights. Their mention or appearance on this website does not in any way imply the existence of rights or responsibilities of this website over them, nor does it imply support, sponsorship, or endorsement of them by this website.

Those responsible for this website wish to express their gratitude as well to the Internet sources at which they obtained some of the images used to illustrate the contents of this website, and for which explicit credit has been given whenever possible. We believe that these images contribute significantly to providing a clearer idea of the knowledge that we have of the rare diseases from our perspective.

The users of this website should refrain from deleting, altering, avoiding, or handling any protection devices or security systems that may be installed on this site.

In order to offer any commentary regarding possible infringement of intellectual or industrial property rights, or to submit any other comments regarding the contents of the site, users may contact us via the following email address: [email protected]

Community norms

Access to the community is by means of a family or clinician code and a password or key that is personal and non-transferable. The password is generated by those responsible for the website and sent to the user.

It is recommended that users not reveal personal information about themselves or information concerning third parties (for example, telephone numbers, mailing addresses or email addresses, or any other information that may permit identification) in the community.

The user agrees to use the community under the terms dictated by the law, this legal notice, the personal data protection policy of the website, and the generally accepted guidelines for good behavior and public order.

The user must refrain from any use of this service with illegal ends, with ends contrary to the terms of this legal notice, and with ends that may be harmful to the rights and interests of third parties, as well as those that may be harmful to the service, may render it inoperative, overload it, or impede its normal use for others. Prohibited, including but not limited to the following, is the transmission or sharing with third parties using this service, of information, messages, graphic images, sound or image files, photographs, recordings, software, and any other kind of material, data or contents that:

in any way threaten, observe, or abuse other members of the forum or any third party not part of it.
include obscene content or content that might injure the sensitivities of any third party viewing them.
include content that might infringe upon or harm the legal rights of others, such as defamatory material or material that infringes on the intellectual or industrial property rights of others.
encourage others to violate the present legal notice and the policy of protection of personal data of this website.
are published with the intention of presenting a false impression of identity, either as a member of the website staff or as another member of the community, by means of a method or device to simulate a false identity.
are intended for commercial, advertising, or illegal ends, as well as the distribution of junk mail, spam, chain letters, or mass mailings.
infringe upon the norms of secrecy in communications.

For their part, those responsible for the website reserve the right to withdraw or suspend any user of the community for failure to comply with the terms of the legal notice or the policy on the protection of personal data of the website. They may also eliminate, withdraw, or suspend any message that includes information of the kind specified in numbers 1-7 above, without the need for prior warning or subsequent notification. Furthermore, those responsible for the website may erase any posting that is not in compliance with the norms of the community.


Users under the age of 18 may not participate without prior authorization from their parents or legal guardians. Users under the age of 18 may not provide personal data without this parental or guardian consent.

Additionally, it is strongly recommended that minors not provide personal information to third parties, such as school name, telephone numbers, first and last name, mailing address, or email address.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

For the resolution of any questions or disputes that may arise related to this website or the activities that are carried out in it, the relevant Spanish law will be applied. The parties involved will be subject to resolution of any conflicts that may emerge from use of the website in the court system of Barcelona, Spain.

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