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Eupati. European Academy of patients

European Academy of patients

Last November '14 it was launched in Spain a national platform of the European Academy of patients (EUPATI, its acronym in English). EUPATI is an initiative made up of 30 organizations from 12 countries in Europe that seeks to promote and enhance the ability of the patients to participate and influence research and drug development, and reach to convert patients in counselors and advisers for regulatory authorities in these processes.

Quality information

The main objectives of this initiative is to develop and disseminate cutting-edge information on therapeutic innovation with a compromise of mantain high quality, scientific, objective and comprehensive information. In this area, EUPATI's function is to develop educational materials in different languages, provide training and create a public library on the Internet focussed this subject.

You are invited to join the European Academy of patients and its platform. All associations and individuals interested in this training and outreach, both from the field of patients and academia, research, health professionals or the pharmaceutical industry will be welcomed.

Expert Training Course in drug development 

It's an interesting training opportunity aimed at patients and their representative to enable them to expert level in research and drug development. The course develops blended learning methodology, which is a combination of online training and two face encuentors taking place in Barcelona. The total duration is 14 months. The pilot courses started in October 2014 and will last until December 2015.

The second edition of the course will start in September 2015 will last until the end of November 2016. 60 course participants will be chosen by an independent selection committee based on predefined selection criteria. For this course, students selected must commit to a minimum of 250 hours of study e-learning and 8-10 days (including travel) to attend classroom training sessions. After completing the course, students will have the skills to make significant contributions in the process of patient involvement in research and development of medicines in Europe.

Applications for the 2015-2016 year are now open. The deadline for applications is 31 March 2015. More information at this link.

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