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A new book for patients with neuromuscular diseases to keep a correct diet

Portada del libro "Dieta en enfermedades neuromusculares. Preguntas, respuestas y platos del mundo"
Monday, December 17, 2018

In order to enable those persons with neuromuscular diseases to keep the ideal nutritional and physical condition, the ASEM (Spanish Federation of Neuromuscular Diseases) has published a book about different doubts of patients by making use of the expertise of specialists (as Alejandro Sanz París or Alberto Caverni). This book provides also illustrated recipes of European and intercontinental tradition. The book, "Diet in neuromuscular diseases. Questions, answers, and plates of the world", is available for its free download here.

Actually, a great ignorance exists concerning the proper nutrition for the patients with neuromuscular disorders. For these persons, it is essential to have adequate eating habits since the beginning of the diagnosis. In this way, it is probable that the progress of disease effects (for example, loss of muscular mass) may slow down. A correct diet, in these cases, may also avoid other correlated complications, such as obesity or malnutrition. Along the life of the patient, other disease-related problems can arise, as the dysphagia or difficulty to swallow certain solid or liquid food. This entire situation might lead to the need for the further dietetic arrangement.

A good diet can be a key to permit our organism to mitigate certain symptoms derived from an ailment when we are already suffering from it. Consequently, correct eating habits are the best friend to avoid health problems or to maintain a good physical and emotional state.

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