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What are your sources in accessing key information on health and rare diseases?

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Friday, January 18, 2019

From the platform Rare Commons, we want to launch a very easy survey with the aim to know better the patients and families habits when trying to accessing information on health, and especially on rare diseases

In recent years, medical consultations on symptoms, diagnosis or treatment for diseases in the digital environment have been increasing and the traditional press has stopped being the principal information source on health for many people. The family and patients’ community who live with rare disorders also have seen on the Internet a rapid and effective way to find news or information on this topic. The blogs, the social networks, the digital magazines, and forums have enabled a new way of being properly informed. All this has helped make more dynamic and easy the knowledge flows, which in case of the rare diseases can be very useful.

That’s why for us it is vital and valuable figuring how patients and all people who are living with the rare diseases get properly informed. This kind of details can help all health professionals understand how to come to the maximum number of persons interested in these issues. 

You can help us to improve the life of the patients who suffer some rare disease filling this brief survey and sharing it with other people of your network! 

You just need no more than 5 minutes to answer the questions and, doing that, you will help us to improve our mission. We are looking forward to your answers!

Thank you!

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